Bouges has been offering quality Crib Shoes and accessories to families for over 12 years and shipped to 8 different countries. We are proud of the craftmanship and quality at a price all families can afford. Bouges brings in the finest leathers from all over Canada and the United States that is soft, breathable and flexible, and keep feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Our shoes and accessories are individually handcut and crafted in Canada. This gives each pair of shoes a unique rather than a factory produced "cookie cutter" look. All shoes come with an adjustable elastic ankle design so not only do the shoes stay on, they are comfortable for each individual child.

Shoe Size Chart
Size Age Sole Size(US) Size(EU)
S 2-6M 4 1/2 in 2-3 19-20
M 6-12M 5 in 3-4 20-23
L 12-18M 5 3/8 in 5-6 21-23
XL 18-24M 6 in 7-8 24-25
2XL 2-3Y 6 3/8 in 9-10 26-27