All leather slippers feature adjustable ankle strap, slip resistant sole and stay on design

Lime Green shoe with monkey face
Lime Green shoe with monkey face, perfect with blue jeans
Tan Leaping Puppy
Tan shoe with tan leaping puppy
All Leather Tan Dog Crib Shoe
A pet for any child! These dogs will become your childs best friend.
Tan Football Leather
A sporty shoe for your little athlete. Personalize with your future football players name.
Tan Leather With Baseball
All Tan leather crib shoe with baseball bat and baseball.
Tan Golf
Tan base shoe with golf ribbon trim
Soft Sole Classic Brown
Dark Chocolate brown in our classic neutral design. Other colours available by request.
Pink Organza
Our best seller. A soft pink leather with a pink organza bow
White Organza
A classy snow white crib shoe with an organza bow.
Black Organza
A dressy black leather crib shoe with an organza bow.
White Leather With Butterfly
This white leather crib shoe with butterfly goes well with a variety of outfits.
Light Lilac Leather Crib Shoe with Butterfly
All leather Light Lilac crib shoe with colorful foil leather butterfly and foil trim.
Soft Sole Lilac Foil Butterfly
A vibrant lilac shoe with a flashy butterfly.
Pink Crib Shoe With Puppy
All Leather crib shoe with a dog face.
Embroidered Pink Puppy
All Leather Embroidered Pink Puppy Crib Shoe
Pink Princess Leather
Pretty pink shoe with a contrasting crown embroidered for your little princess. Childs name can be substituted.
Pink Hockey
She shoots, she scores!
All Leather Pink Soccer
Sporty and fun for your little soccer fan to kick around in.
Pink shoe with Cat
Pink shoe with full size white cat
Pink With Cat Face
Pretty in pink leather shoe with cat face. Perfect for those cat lovers.
Tan Full Cat
Tan shoe with full tan cat
Light Pink Monkey
Funky monkey face in a light pink leather crib shoe.
Soft Sole Lilac with a Floral Ribbon
A variation of our classic design, these shoes have a floral ribbon trim. Also available without a ribbon by request.
Mary Janes
Black classic Mary Janes shoe
Soft Sole Pink with Strawberry
These lovely pink shoes are flourished with a red, ripe strawberry for your little sweethearts.
Classic All Leather White
Our snow white classics add pure elegance to any outfit.
Classic White with lace ankle trim
Classic white crib shoe with lace ankle trim
Classic Pink
There is nothing plain about these shoes. They compliment all sorts of outfits.
Pink Skull and Crossbones
Pink shoe with skull and crossbones with hearts trim
Lilac Leather with Heart
Decorative white heart and embroidered heart ankle trim.
Pink With White Hearts
Light pink crib shoe with white hearts and lace ankle trim is perfect for your little sweetheart.
Canada Crib Shoe
For those little Canadians
Blue With Yellow Duck
Just so cute. These shoes will bring smiles. Great as a baby shower gift for boys and girls.
Fleur De Lis
A shoe that represents perfection, light and life.
Pink Sandal
This sandal comes with a white trim and pink centered daisy.
Solid White Sandal
A classy solid white sandal with white trim and yellow centered daisy.
White Sandal with a pink daisy
A spring time best seller. Soft white leather with a pink ankle strap.
Gingerbread Man
Run,run,run as fast as you can to catch your little Gingerbread Man